19 Lbs and Counting!

As of this morning, I have lost 19 lbs! This weekend I’m going through my closets to find the next size down, and swapping out all my clothes!

What a feeling that is!  I’ve been wearing the same small set of size 26 (3X) clothes for the last several years.  Since I lost almost 100 lbs all those years ago, I kept all the clothes from all those sizes.  I have small wardrobes from 26 all the way down to 14.  And I plan on wearing every one of them again!  And then I plan on losing even more.

Last time I got within 45 lbs of my goal weight.  I lost 99.6 lbs.  And I will do it again!


If you’re interested in the diet I’m on, please contact my free health coach, Laurie Fields:  http://getfitadventure.tsfl.com/

Tell her I sent you!

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