Marshall, TX – Days Inn

Days Inn and Cafe Italia, Marshall, TX
Days Inn and Cafe Italia, Marshall, TX

This is my review of my stay overnight at Days Inn in Marshall, TX on December 22, 2016.

I arrived in Marshall at around 7:30 PM. After 4 hours for driving and a funeral, then another 4 hours on the way to Amarillo, I was pretty tired.

I stopped in at a gas station, which at first glance looked like it might be closed because the inside lights were pretty low, but the flashing OPEN sign drew me in.  It was a nice stop, the bathrooms were clean and the people were very nice, even though all I bought was an apple juice.

Back in my car, I checked Google Maps for a place to stay nearby.  I always check for Super 8 because I find them to be very consistent in price and quality, regardless of location, but this time I was out of luck.  I saw Days Inn directly across the street from me, and Google said it was ~$53, which is right in my budget.  Days Inn it is!

I got a little confused by the entrance.  After all, I was tired, and there was an attached Italian restaurant.  So naturally I walked into the restaurant, and realized I was in the wrong place.  There was a small sign that pointed the way around the corner to the office.  Since it was dark, I was a woman alone, and I wasn’t sure just how far around the corner it was, I got back in my car to drive around.

Turns out it was just at the end of the building, so I could’ve walked, but better safe than sorry!

I was a little surprised when the price was actually $69.95, but it is the week of Christmas, so I sucked it up and checked in.  I was assigned room 108, on the ground floor, and was very grateful for that.  The nice lady at the desk informed me that I had a fridge and microwave, which gave me more options for food.  I thanked her and headed to my room.

The room was very nice for the price.  Sorry about the pictures, I didn’t decide to blog until the next morning, so my stuff is strung out and the bed isn’t made.  Also, my phone camera isn’t all that great, so the quality is meh.

There was a neat little nook with a hide-a-bed couch that made it feel like a suite instead of just a little room.  It smelled and looked (and was) fresh and clean.

Nook/Seating area
Nook/Seating area

I tossed down my stuff and called the fam.  It’s always a good idea to check in with family often when you’re travelling alone.  Like every time you stop, so they always know where you are.  At least a text puts everyone at ease and I like to call now and then as well.

So now it was time to find food.  That was easy because I love Italian!  The food at Cafe Italia was wonderful and very reasonably priced.  I had the Pasta Combo (cataloni, manicotti, and lasagna).  The bread was amazing – a crisp crust and soft and warm on the inside!  Tiramisu for dessert was delicious and fresh.

Cafe Italia bread
Cafe Italia bread – awesome!

There was also a bar, but I don’t really drink so that doesn’t matter to me.

They had live music in the form of a man with a guitar, singing.  He was very good.  The service was great.  Their wait staff is pretty young, but very pleasant.  (Not that I think all young people are unpleasant, they just don’t always realize what an impact they can have on a business.)

Back to the room to turn on the computer, sing a little (SingSnap), and check my WoW auctions, then off to sleep.  The room was nice and quite so I got a great night sleep.

Room 108

Up around 7:30 and into the shower.  The water pressure was amazing.  This is a pet peeve for me, so I was very pleasantly surprised.  They also had good soap and shampoo.  A nice, very light fresh fragrance and LOTS of lather.


Off to free breakfast.  They serve until 9:30, which is nice, since most places stop serving at 9 and I sometimes miss it.  I got there at 8:30 this time, so no issues.  Being late, as usual, I was alone in the dining area.

They had a nice set up.  The usual: cereal, fresh fruit (apples), yogurt, juice, milk, coffee.  But they also had some unexpected extras:  hot oatmeal and cute little cheese omelets.  I had apple juice, toast, an omelet, and oatmeal.  Everything was warm and yummy.  The desk staff greeted me when I came in and checked on me during my meal.  I had a nice breakfast.

The Bottom Line:

Price:  Good, but more than Google said
Room:  Nice, clean, quiet
Food:  The Cafe Italia was awesome
Breakfast:  Nice!

Ratings:  I gave my stay at Days Inn 4.5 stars.  I almost never give 5 stars, everything has to be perfect.

I gave my dinner 4.75 stars.  A VERY pleasant and inexpensive dining experience.

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