Road Rager

Road rager
Road Rager

Hi, I’m Barb, and I’m a road rager (the crowd answers, “Hi Barb”).  Okay, full disclosure, I’m  an EXTREME road rager.  To the point that I considered starting a YouTube channel with videos of me driving.  Everyone who’s ridden with me agrees that would be very entertaining.  But it’s too late for that, as I am now a reformed road rager (unless I decide to do dramatic reenactments).  Here’s my story.

If you’ve read my previous post, you know that some months ago I began praying every morning on the way to work.  I don’t close my eyes and bow my head, that would be irresponsible; I just drive along talking to God.  I start by saying “Good morning, Lord” and end by saying “In Jesus’ name, Amen”, so I call it prayer.  And it works for me.  I hate my job, but I manage to get through each day with God’s help.

So on this particular morning (July 8, a Friday) I was in the middle of my morning prayer and having a road rage incident at the same time.  So I added to my prayer, “God, could you do something about this road rage?  Make these idiots drive right!”

Every day I drive the same route.  Because of heavy traffic, I get off the freeway several exits early and drive the Frontage Road in to town.  As I’m on the off ramp, I look to my left, and if no one is coming, I just run through the stop sign turning right then a quick left onto the Frontage Road.  I did that every day for a couple years.

Well on that particular morning, when I asked God for help with my road rage, there was a Sheriff sitting at the Frontage Road stop sign.  I didn’t see him at all.  Even when I saw his lights in my mirror, less than 10 seconds after my prayer, I didn’t connect that he was stopping me.  I pulled over just to get out of the way.  I only realized what happened when he pulled in behind me.

When he walked up to my car, all he said was, “You didn’t even slow down or nothing, just sped right through that stop sign!”  All I could say was, “I’m sorry”.  He went back to his car and wrote me a ticket without another word.

As I was sitting there waiting, I heard, plain as day, “It’s not them, it’s you.”  Being the consummate smart-ass that I am, I said out loud, looking up and rolling my eyes, “Haha, very funny”.

After I drove away, a little farther down the road, it really sank in and I said, “Ok what do I need to do?”  And again I heard, plain as day, “Start by obeying the law”.

Now you need to know that I have quite the lead foot.  I NEVER obeyed the speed limit.  My practice was to drive 9 miles an hour over the speed limit, because you won’t get pulled over at that.  Sometimes I do drive faster too.  My Prius does 105 just fine, thank you.  I also didn’t wear my seat belt as a protest to the seat belt law (happily he didn’t give me that ticket too).

Well I do now.  I wear my seat belt and I drive EXACTLY the speed limit (I also fully stop at stop signs).  I can’t do it on my own.  I have to set my cruise control and keep my foot off the gas pedal.  But I haven’t had a single incident of road rage since.  I also no longer drive in the fast lane.  And I still pray every morning on the way to work.

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