Trump’s Popularity

150626171149-donald-trump-candidacy-speech-780x439It continues to amaze me that the republican establishment still refuses to back Donald Trump.  They seem to believe that if they don’t back him, he can’t win.  Boy are they wrong!

It’s hilarious to me when the media try to explain his popularity:

It’s clear they don’t have a clue what they’re talking about! They try to explain it away, just as the political establishment does, that the people are just stupid.  Or it’s “just the gun show guys”.  Or that Americans are just so very brash they love the outrageous things he says.

They are so very lost as to why anyone would vote for such a man, that they continue to make up the only thing that makes sense to them:  that we are all just too stupid to realize what we’re voting for.  They can’t comprehend that it’s deeper than that, because they can’t see farther than the end of their own noses.

And they ask psychologists!  As if a psychologist’s opinion is somehow more valid.  And that’s all they are – opinions and guesses.

Here’s a clue:  ASK THE PEOPLE.  Why is it so hard to just ask people, “why do you like Donald Trump?”  I did, and here are some of the answers:

  • He’s like me
  • He says whatever’s on his mind at the moment
  • He’s not afraid to piss people off
  • He’s not a politician
  • He’s a no bullshit kind of guy
  • He’s a self-made man
  • I love his TV shows

The political establishment has no idea what the American people want, and that is more and more evident every day.  What do the American people want?  Fewer lifetime politicians.  Someone who’s actually had a real job in their lifetime.  Someone who’s not just saying what they think we want to hear.

What do you think?  Are the pundits right?

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