The Democrats will Win in 2016 – and here’s why


The democrats present a united front. Yes, they have 2 candidates for president, but they are both running on the same platform.   How could you have a primary if you don’t have at least 2 candidates?

Democrats also really know how to get the voters, even dead ones, out to the polls. It’s no secret where they (all) stand on pretty much any issue. And all of their issues are emotional. The democrats understand that politics is an emotional battlefield. And they fight it accordingly.

The republicans, on the other hand, offer 15 candidates, each trying to distinguish themselves from the others. Trouble is, none of them is distinctive. The entire field, besides Trump, are just a bunch of buttoned up business types.  The attempt at looking presidential turns out stuffy and robotic, devoid of personality.  And they wonder how Trump could possibly be doing so well!

The republican party, as an entity, looks like it can’t make up its mind what it wants to be when it grows up.  They can’t come together to even decide on a common message, let alone communicate one.  The best they can do is “beat the democrats” by being contrary.  That is simply not good enough any more.  The American public is desperate for a leader who actually stands for something and consistently sticks to it.  Anything really.

The key is getting the message out, and there republicans utterly fail.  Voters are left to figure out which candidate has the views closest to their own.  They don’t do much grass-roots campaigning.  No town halls, door to doors, or face to face.  Unless of course you count the “strategic” states.  The rest of us know the republicans don’t give a damn about us because that’s how they treat us.  So we’re left to get our information by watching the debates.  Of course, no candidate gets enough time to actually present their views, more like a series of soundbites.

The party seems to think that moderate is the way to go when they couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Pandering to the center, republicans end up looking weak, wishy-washy.  All the while wailing and gnashing teeth about Trump hijacking the party when they should be on their knees thanking God that someone with a personality stepped up.

As if that weren’t enough, republicans present themselves as a bunch of money-grubbing heartless bastards.  I have to hope that isn’t intentional, but when capitalism and entitlement programs are your focus, what else are people to think?  They don’t even try to appeal to emotion.  The closest they come is talking about family values and religion.  But family values translates to anti-abortion, and religion get’s the left in a lather about separation of church and state.

By the time the republicans do select one candidate, they will have done the democrats’ jobs, torn each other down and found every vulnerability.  And transferring loyalty is difficult because of it.  Once your candidate has trashed mine, how can I support yours?  Begrudgingly, that’s how.  Or I just won’t vote at all.  And that’s how the democrats win.

By now you probably think I’m a republican trying to warn them where they’re going wrong so they can fix it and win in the end.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  I abhor the current political dichotomy and want both parties to go down in flames.  I firmly believe that all lifetime politicians, which is most of them, are just narcissistic jackasses trying to hide the fact that they’re out to steal all our hard-earned cash for their own glory.  My preference would be to throw out every one of them and replace them with kids fresh out of high school.  No really.  I don’t think they could do much worse.  And they might have some fresh ideas.

What do you think; am I crazy?  Leave a comment below!

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