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Photo of Baltimore Riots from
Photo of Baltimore Riots from

The world has gone crazy and it’s getting worse every day.  We are constantly bombarded by terrible news, bad behavior, and outright horrors.

Terrorists run rampant.  There are violence, murders, and riots in the streets around the world.  Police are openly executed and “activists” are chanting in the streets for their deaths.  Passenger planes are shot out of the air.

Children are abused, molested, and sold into slavery every day.  Bullying and shaming are commonplace at the same time we’re being told our words are not allowed to offend anyone.  Our schools are systematically dumbing down our children so that they don’t even know why we celebrate Independence Day and graduate without the ability to read.

“Good” parents are trying to protect their children from all harm to the point they don’t know how to handle the simplest crisis and commit suicide at the first obstacle.  “Bad” parents are subjecting their children to a multitude of horrors most “normal” people cannot even fathom.

The economy is so bad most of the unemployed aren’t even trying to find work anymore.  The government keeps telling us they will take care of us, so more and more people are being supported by entitlement programs.

We have raised 3 generations to be utterly selfish, siting things like self-esteem and personal image, and no-one-is-a-loser and you-are-special-and-deserve-to-be-heard.  We promote the idea that utterly ravaging another person with your words is an entitled form of self expression, especially if you’re anonymous on the world wide web.

And all of it caught on video with our personal mobile phones and posted for the world to see.

And all I can think is, “this all seems so very purposeful”.  It’s not actually chaos, as is reported.  It’s systemic and systematic.  If you look closely, it’s all very organized… almost orchestrated.

I am forced to ask:  What are we doing?

What can be done?  Leave a comment below and let me know if you agree or have any thoughts on a solution.

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