Why are We So Mean?

The Brandon High School marching band was not allowed to play How Great Thou Art as part of their halftime show.  In fact, at first they weren’t going to have a halftime show at all because of the court order.  Read the story here:

This doesn’t surprise me; we have allowed the far left to dictate such things for some time now.  What does surprise me are the comments.

We cannot have discourse or disagreement.  If you think the kids should be allowed to play a hymn, you are anti-American, tromping on the constitution, and “should go move to Iran where the state gets to tell people how and when to be religious”.

We have billboards, TV commercials, fundraisers, and other propaganda to fight bullying in our schools.  What are we doing to fight the political bullying of both sides.  The ridicule, name calling, and sometimes violence that we allow in the name of freedom of speech is appalling.  That some of you think you have the right to torment others because of the things they think, or say, or wear, or the way they look…  WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?

How can we expect our children to respect others when the adults are far worse about it?  So the next time you want to tell someone just exactly what you think of them, or their beliefs, or their politics, or the way they look…  how about don’t.

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