Why We Work

There are those who want the kind of job where nothing changes.  They go to work every day and understand exactly what is expected of them.  Maybe they work in an assembly line and just make sure the caps are put on the bottles straight.  Day after day.  Getting a paycheck.  Paying the bills.  Drudging along doing as little as possible.  30 years doing the same thing until retirement.

I’m not like that.  After about a year of a job like that I’d need to be institutionalized.  I lasted 2 months as a file clerk; 3 months flipping burgers; and less than 1 day cleaning a building.  I simply cannot do it.

I crave a challenge.  I need a problem to solve.  My mind must be occupied.  I feel guilty if I spend 1 day screwing off.  Seriously, sometimes that really sucks!


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